Complete Course Details


  • Dreams 

          How to set dreams and achieve what looks impossible today.

  • Options

          Understanding and evaluating all the options available to achieve your dreams.

  • NM as it is 

          6 Concepts that will make anyone join Network Marketing.

    • NM vs. Illegal

5 Concepts to Tell People and they will never say Network Marketing is Illegal.

    • NM Myths

Exact Answers to major questions people make and breaking their myths.

    • What are you actually doing?

8 Best Answers to the Question when people ask you What are you doing?

    • What’ll happen after all ?

Understanding the Process how things will build up for you in 8 steps.

    • Why to promote a company?

Understanding how Network Marketing is Better than Having your own Company.

    • Company-Products-Plan doesn’t matter

Knowing what matters the most to recruit people.

    • The Right Way to Start Network Marketing

4 Things to know before you start your Network Marketing Business for Sure Shot Success.

  • Skills
    • Super Prospecting

How to get unlimited people to join your business.

    • Social media prospecting

How to Recruit People from social media platforms

    • Invitation skills

4 Steps Formula to Invite People with 3 kind of Approaches with examples.

    • Showing the plan

5 Steps Formula to Give RockStar Presentations.

    • Fear of loss

Make your Prospects Say Yes Immediately

    • Follow up

Step by Step Process to make a Prospect join after the Presentation

    • Closing formula

8 Steps Formula to make anyone join

    • Objection Handling

Exact Answer to All the Objections & 3 Formulas to Handle Any Objection

    • Get attention

How a lot of People can know you in a very Short Time.

    • How to train people

5 Step Process to train an Amateur into a Dynamic Leader

    • Developing customers

A Simple Secret to get a lot of customers.

  • Momentum
    • The first 30 days

6 Steps to Get a New Person Started with 10 Step Checklist for Success

    • Gamify your Business

2 Simple Steps to Make Network Marketing a Game to Play

    • A Fine Line

Understanding How to Jump from Failure to Success

    • Rebuilding Your Team & Even Better

How to Rebuild your Organisation

    • Don’t reinvent the wheel

3 Mistakes that kill your Business

    • Habit formation

6 Most Important Habits to Form to Be Successful in Network Marketing

  • Leadership
    • Finding prospects and making them leaders

7 Steps to Create Leaders in your Team

    • Leaders take responsibilities

5 Responsibilities as a Leader to Grow Your Business

    • Learn to give credits

When & How to Give Credits & What Not to do

    • Monitor and mentor

Sky Rocket Your Business with these strategies

    • People do what you do not what you say

Understanding How Duplication Actually Works

  • Action plans 
    • The 90 Days Action Plan to be a Millionaire

This is the best tested and proven Action Plan that can make anyone a Millionaire in Network Marketing in 90 Days. 

    • How to be a Top Earner in your company in Just 1 Year

12 Months exact Step by Step Formula to out beat any one in your company.

    • Developing Monster Recruiters in Your Team Action Plan

This will 100X your Sale Guaranteed!

    • Daily Action Plan

How to be build a daily action plan to succeed

    • Simple Technique to Go Online

How to Recruit & Train People from your Home.

  • Success Boosters
    • 3 Kinds of People in Network Marketing

Decide what to be among them.

    • Vision

Don’t be Sold on your Company’s Vision, Create your Own

    • Power of association

Changing Your Energy Field through “Osmosis”

    • Being the magnet

8 Steps to be a Magnet that people die to Join You

    • The Biggest Secret for Target Achievement

Achieve anything that you want in the least possible time with this secret.

    • Dealing with criticism

5 Steps Formula to deal with criticism

    • Your level

Raising Your Level 7 & Your Level of Life

    • Deserve It factor

Understanding the Process of Getting What you want

    • Compress time

5 Step formula to Compress Time & Achieve Your Results 

  •  The Cutting Edge
    • A Must Weekly Activity

This is the most crucial activity to sustain your business

    • New people orientation

9 things a New Distributor Must Do Before they Start

    • Product training

5 Must to Train People on in Product Training

    • The only thing that can make you super rich

The Greatest Secret of Success in Network Marketing

    • How to make new distributors learn the fastest how to get business

Do this & Bang on in Network Marketing